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We facilitate change. Much of our work has been with the best of the best that are in their own way.


Our engagements involve 360 degree feedback assessments, identification of personality traits and behavior patterns that derail performance and interventions that resolve issues in your culture.


As soon as we know you know. We are upfront about problems that cannot be solved in a reasonable time frame. We have enough experience to tell clients when to give up.


We are accurate. Extensive work in sports gives us the ability to intervene with laser-like precision when facing obstacles to change. Whether it's an executive at the top of the house, a Broadway director, a film star, a sports coach, a teacher facing resistances in the classroom, or a professional sports team on a losing streak, we excel at resolving psychological blocks that interfere with people performing at their best.


We handle the difficult.Resistance work is our specialty. It is our pleasure to help individuals, and groups move from the status quo into proactive and progressive action.


JFC consultants have extensive and diverse experience.This gives us the ability to work with your HR department and deliver services under one umbrella that are commonly outsourced to a number of vendors. Think of us as one stop shopping in the psychological services area.


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