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Consulting Services are tailored to the client’s needs.  We work with executives, managers and teams.  JFC staff will develop a program that aligns with your goals.


Leadership Development – We support leaders to accurately asses their strengths and face their weaknesses.  Often the qualities that help a leader up the ladder are not the qualities that will sustain him/her in the new position.  Using advanced assessment techniques, we help our leaders develop a plan that minimizes self sabotage and capitalizes on the changes needed at the moment.  We are experienced at forecasting resistance issues from the 360 assessment report.


Team development – We evaluate the level of cooperation and conflict currently active in the team dynamic, engage in team building, teach collaborative problem solving and facilitate intra and inter-team alignment.  We negotiate active conflicts and handle personality and style differences.


Assessment – We assess using a state of the art 360 degree feedback  tool, give a leadership profile and identify resistances to change and progress.


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