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Preparation Phase

We want to diagnose the challenge or set of challenges a leader is facing, or a team is up against before we begin. For individuals, we embark on a 360; for teams a group assessment of its ability to communicate, cooperate and create, to see where career derailers are operating. If the organization has provided an individual with a 360, we develop interventions to assist in making the necessary changes. This period of diligence is essential to creating the exact approach needed for that individual or team.


Our Approach

We approach traditional problems in a non-traditional way. Where others are stopped in their tracks – we are able to move forward. Our tool kit is large from working across multi-industry platforms for 35 years. Through exercises and unique psychological interventions, we can help an individual or team reach optimal performance.


Change, whether on an individual or team level is difficult. We excel in resolving status quo resistances, as well as, resistances to progress, direction and change. We follow the problem and focus on resolving it.


You can count on us in difficult circumstances. We are comfortable being proactive; as well as handling critical situations that have not been addressed.


We do not shy away from the tough jobs such as:

- a CEO leading the company down the wrong path,

- a CFO in conflict with a senior leader, fs

- a president who waffled on a major decision,

- two senior leaders butting heads,

- a group of direct reports fighting with each other,

- a coach whose team is losing games, or

- a television cast with jealousy and envy issues.


One Stop Shopping

From a human resources point of view, we are able to meet your in house leadership and team development needs as well as your need for outside professionals to handle psychological issues. Our counselors and psychotherapists have expertise in a wide-range of psychological problems. This broad-based expertise informs our work and is why we consider JFC a one-stop shopping firm.


Whether a personality trait or skill level is causing an executive or team to derail, or an issue is of a more personal nature (addictions, marital conflict or divorce, behavior or illness with children) is interfering with staying in top performance, we can handle it.



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