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JFC Professional Services was founded in 1974 by Judith F. Chusid, a psychologist and psychoanalyst, as a private practice offering psychoanalytic psychotherapy to individuals and groups.  It quickly developed consulting services, lectures, workshops and training programs for teachers, supervisors and school psychologists who needed help resolving resistances to learning and behavior problems in the classroom.


A former classroom teacher, Dr. Chusid became known in educational circles as an authority on resolving resistances to learning and behavioral acting out in the classroom.Since the 1970s, she has given over 300 workshops, trained hundreds of teachers and supervisors, and been a keynote speaker at countless events. As one principal said, If there is a resistance around, give it to Chusid and she will find a way to resolve it.


In 1978, an accidental meeting between Chusid and a professional football coach lead to a successful consultation about a player with a resistance to authority.That collaboration lead to her interest in sports psychology.


As a faculty member of Adelphi University, she initiated a five year research project with the university's lacrosse team, The Panthers.The project researched whether interventions used to resolve resistance could be applied successfully to a sports environment.


The collaboration was timely. Paul Doherty, The Panther's coach had been trying to win a national championship for ten years. Although he was touted as one of the best lacrosse strategists in the country and the team had talented players, the team got eliminated in the play-off year after year. Why? The research revealed the following 1) psychological resistances contribute to losing games, 2) psychological blocks underlie a performance slump, 3) a coach's leadership style effects team performance, and 4) psychological interventions can resolve team blocks.

The first year, The Panthers won the National Championship in Division II and were winners for 3 more years. In the fourth year The Panthers moved from Division II to Division I, the first NCAA team to do so in any sport. Chusid went on to work professional coaches and athletes.


By the 1990s, JFCs consulting services expanded to executives, managers and company teams, politicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and individual performers like real estate agents, lawyers and doctors.


Committed to helping individuals, families and couples, JFC offers a full range of psychotherapy services.Specialty services include: addictions, codependency, relationship and intimacy issues, marital counseling, children with explosive behavior, social skills groups for children, and psychological testing.


This broad expertise informs our work and is why we consider JFC a one-stop shopping firm.  Whether personality or skill issues cause an executive or team to derail, or issues of a more personal matter (addictions, marital conflict or divorce, behavior or illness with children) are interfering with work performance we are have the capability to identify and intervene to it.

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