Our Mission: To help individuals and teams maximize existing strengths, resolve performance blocks and develop conflict-free, high performance environments.


We are celebrated for helping our clients work at their personal best. In street parlance, we have been called Resistance Busters.


Performance Assessment  We evaluate individuals and teams. We provide comprehensive 360 feedback assessments, identify and profile resistances to change, and assess team dynamics, cohesiveness and dysfunction.


For Individuals We provide leadership development, performance enhancement plans, resolve personality blocks, and map out strategies to improve performance.


For Teams We engage groups in team building and conflict resolution, enhance creative and collaborative problem solving and bolster communication and cooperation.


For the Organization  We develop practical ways to align people, goals and principles. We excel at building cultural alliances following a merger, reorganization or new strategic plan.


For Human Resources  We offer off-site psychotherapy services to meet HR needs in the areas of personal and family problems, addictions; marital conflict, and crisis intervention.


JFC Professional Services, Inc.

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